diskoBABEL e.V. – a small documentary from KOLLAGE KOLLECTIV

This is diskoBABEL!

Nobody knows the future of all the projects that are combined on the area of „diskoBABEL“. As we have to leave the site to september 2021, we all search a new space for the whole community or also just some of the projects on the area, as maybe it is hard to find another area this huge. If somebody got a good hint for useable areas please give us a shout!

Thanks to all people that helped the community and area over the last years!

And big thanks to the Kollage Kollectiv for this loveley little documentation!


Contact: kopfueberberlin@gmail.com

diskoBABEL e.V.: vorstand@diskobabel.de

_________________FULL VIDEO DESCRIPTION______________________

Diskobabel e.V. is an urban artistic space in Berlin that comprises 50 containers, a zirkus tent and 14 different collectives It was created to offer an affordable space for community building and artistic expression Our vision is to offer everyone an open recreational space for learning and creating together. It is solar-powered, self-organised, autonomous and a bit chaotic sometimes as it involves such an eclectic array of people The site is completely off-grid as there is no water, electricity or sewage system. We have to collect everything ourselves The space is a great environment for everyone to combine ideas, to get inspired or to develop artistic, environmental and political projects. It is a melting pot of people and artists and when it comes to organising urban cultural events, all the collectives are working towards the same purpose, it is great to experience. The artistic inputs bring everyone to a high degree of happiness. Unfortunately, Diskobabel and many open spaces in Berlin are affected by gentrification. They are more valued as a property investment as opposed to the community value we are bringing to them. We have to clear the space we are renting by September 2021 and need a place to establish for all the collectives. Greifswalder DIY Racket Stack Organ Kollage Kollectiv Kaösk Ton & Bild Stube Schrottpourri Shani Shanti Wild Waste Gallery Jonny Knüppel Köpfuber Pizza Kolchose Zirkus Mond SauNah Music by Max Volume & Hellotrip Contact us here: http://diskobabel.de/

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